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Travelling Architecture Workshop - Call for participation

JUN 2013

Architecture [Children] Fund invites young architects and other creative people to become part of Traveling Architecture Workshop!


During the two summer months, the project will visit 16 small towns in Lithuania whwew will hold a 3 day duration workshop for local children and young people.


All who wish to join the project are invited to complete the questionnaire online. In the questionnaire you will also find a list of 16 cities with workshop dates. .



Travelling Architecture Workshop - a series of workshops, which will be held in July and August 2013. Each of the 16 towns will be visited by several volunteers during the 2-3 day long workshop. A project for public space will be created and implemented on the spot together with children. The object would enrich a free time of a small town community and encourage the continuation of the project. The results of the workshop would be presented for community and discussed with children.   



The main goal - to encourage young members of the community (children and youth) to become active creators of their environment. 



Adopting a method of "Traveling circus" - approach by traveling from place to place - Architecture [Children] Fund volunteers team plans to visit 16 cities in different regions of Lithuania and hold a 3-day duration creative workshops for children and young people.

We will work together with the children creating ideas and implementing them in order to make a long term valuable objects for each town.

Target location - the public space of the town.



- 16 workshops;

- 16 unique implemented projects;

- The results of the workshop will be presented in an exhibition;

- A brochure of project results.


Target groups


Participants in the project - the children and young people from small Lithuanian towns.

Results of the project will serve not only the children but also for the entire community.




Margarita Kaučikaitė | | tel . +370 654 14135

Marntas Timaitis | | tel . +370 686 86154