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NERIJUS MILERIUS - Architecture as a tool to synchronize daily rhythm of the city

THE CITY. Breakpoints

OCT 2011
Why the talk is inspiring?

The talk will present how different rhythms of life of citizens can be synchronized with a help of architectural implements. The common models established in the Soviet space were significant in synchronizing life of totally different cities: Vilnius, Tallinn or Tbilisi. However, after the fall of the Soviet Union there were no ideological base of synchronization left. But does this mean that architecture is no longer accepted as a tool to synchronize the rhythms of the cities?

How the speaker is exceptional?

A docent of the department of Philosophy in Vilnius University, N.Milerius gives lectures about problems of cities and philosophy of cinema. He is known for his dissertation on the topic of commonness, for organizing conferences about urban problems and for being a member of the committee evaluating the works of Vilnius architecture 2006-2008.

P.S. Landscapes: optics of urban investigations
B.Cope, N.Milerius
Why the book is worth reading?

This book is a selection of publications overlooking the so-called P.S.- post-socialistic cities – in very different perspectives: urban, political, social, artistic, etc. The selection consists of views from the inside as well as from the outside as the authors of publications are both from the P.S. and from the other regions. Introductory part of the book, reacting to the mobility of life nowadays, is asking if London is considered as a P.S. city as well.


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