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V. Daujotytė - Pakerienė, E. Parulskis, Ž. Kudirka - Mesijus - BELOVED ARCHITECTURE. PERSONAL REFLECTIONS

Beloved Architecture

MAR 2019
Why the talk is inspiring?

Architecture should strive to be loved. Beloved means it is long lasting, functional and desired. That also means that it creates positive beginnings and provokes change. Three reflections will present three different views on experiencing and understanding our human made environment - architecture. 


The lecture starts on the 22th of March, 20:00


The lecture will be held at MO museum, Pylimo st. 17, Vilnius. The lecture will be in Lithuanian language. The event is free.

Before the event, at 18:00 there will be an Ila Beka & Luise Lemoine film “Barbicania” screening. Tickets for the film are for sale at:

How the speaker is exceptional?

Viktorija Daujotytė - Pakerienė is a Lithuanian literacy critic and philologist, mostly investigating poetry and interpretating literature on existential topics. 


Ernestas Parulskis is an essayist and art critic, talking about borderline objects - close to art and daily life. 


Žygimantas Kudirka - Mesijus is an avant-garde rap artist, voice of electronic music, one of the slemo – poetry pioneers in Lithuania, creative freelancer.


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