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Beloved Architecture

MAR 2019
Why the talk is inspiring?

The library as a distinct building in the European city enjoys a special standing in people’s perception and collective memory, where it is seen as a public space to which everyone has equal access. For this reason, the aspect of building libraries is a key question for us. One might almost say that our design approach is exemplified by our engagement with the library as a specific typology—indeed, it may be that this approach only developed its full potential in this context. This applies both to the structure of our buildings and their detailing and, more generally, to our overall approach to designing architecture, which draws its power and validity from history: an architecture that can exist with and alongside historical structures and is able to create a new unity in combination with them.

The lecture starts on the 14th of March, 20:00. 


The lecture will be held in MO museum, Pylimo st. 17, Vilnius. The lecture will be in German language with Interactio simultanious translation to lithuanian language.


Before the lecture, at 17:30 there will be an Ila Beka & Luise Lemoine film „24 Heures Sur Place“ screening in the cinema theatre "Pasaka". Tickets for the film are for sale at:

Max Dudler
How the speaker is exceptional?

Max Dudler is a world-known Swiss architect. The main characteristic of Max Dudler's architecture is a combination of strict Swiss minimalism and classical rationalism that is found both in the historical and contemporary architecture. His architectural studio has offices in Frankfurt am Main and Zürich. Max Dudler is an author of more than 25 books (including "A Collective Idea of the City", "Narrating Spaces", "Bibliothek" and ect.), Professor for Architecture at the prestigious Art Academy in Düsseldorf.

Max Dudler
Narrating Spaces
Why the book is worth reading?

The big can be understood through the small. When it comes to atmosphere, a room works according to the same principles as a house, a square, or a whole city. “Spatial atmosphere, no matter on what scale, is the result of reduction and materiality,” insists Max Dudler in a discussion with Simone Boldrin.

The Sale e Tabacchi, Hambach Castle, and the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum have gained international renown. Narrating Spaces approaches Dudler’s architecture through the interior spaces and furniture he has designed. Five contributions discuss the atmospheres of the interiors, the physical appropriation of the spaces, and the sensuality of the way they are furnished. Light and shadow, geometries, materials, and surfaces unfold in a photographic essay by Stefan Müller that makes it possible to visually experience their special atmospheres and haptic elements.


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