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Ila Bêka, Bêka & Lemoine - THE EMOTION OF SPACE

Beloved Architecture

FEB 2019
Why the talk is inspiring?

Through a series of film excerpts, Ila Bêka will present Bêka & Lemoine’s evolving research, from their first well-known films revealing the daily intimacy within contemporary iconic buildings to their ongoing film series "Homo Urbanus" observing the strange condition of urban inhabitants around the world. Talking about their radical position against the main strategies of representation in architecture he will explain their working methodology which contributes to make their films so special.

The lecture starts on the 21st of February, 20:00



The lecture will be held at MO museum, Pylimo st. 17, Vilnius. The lectures will be in English language. The event is free.



Before the lecture at 18:00 there will be an Ila Bêka & Luise Lemoine film “Koolhaas Houselife” screening. Tickets for the film are for sale at:

Ila Bêka
How the speaker is exceptional?

"Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine are two of the foremost architectural artists working today. Their films focus on the relationship of people and space, emphasising the presence of everyday life within some of the most iconic architectural projects of recent decades." (Barbican Centre)


Presented by The New York Times as the “cult figures in the European architecture world”, Bêka & Lemoine’s work has been widely acclaimed as “a new form of criticism” (Mark) which “has deeply changed the way of looking at architecture” (Domus).


Selected by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (The Met) as one of the “Most exciting and critical design project of the year 2016”, elected "Game Changers 2015" by Metropolis Magazine, selected as one of the "100 most talented personalities of 2017" by Icon Design, the complete work of Bêka & Lemoine has been acquired in 2016 by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York for its permanent collection.

Georges Perec
An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris
Why the book is worth reading?

It is a collection of observations which Perec wrote as he sat in Saint-Sulpice Square in Paris. Rather than describing impressive or notable things such as the architecture, Perec aims to describe all the things that usually pass unnoticed. He charts brief details of buses and people who pass, not worrying about repetition.


HTMLGIANT's Lily Hoang reviewed it favorably stating "Georges Perec is charming, the most charming man I will never meet, and An Attempt is yet another charming example of his charm."