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Ūla Tornau - The stories of three buildings in Vilnius: 2000-2010

2010 = 1990 + 20 years of independent architecture

JUN 2010
Why the talk is inspiring?

The talk will overview predominant discourses of architecture, heritage and urban development by exploring the history of several buildings in Vilnius.

Ūla Tornau
Urban theorist (Lt)
How the speaker is exceptional?

Theorist of city culture and architecture, exhibition curator at CAC. Ūla is one of initiators of KultFlux culture platform, trying to broaden the discussion about use of Vilnius Neris riverside as a public space. She is interested in Vilnius history and development, exploring it in different formats - contemporary art exhibitions, public discussions and publications.

An Archeology of Socialism
Victor Buchli
Why the book is worth reading?
It is an architectural-anthropological research, presenting wide range of political, social and economical discourses of 20th century Russia over the history of space and inhabitants of one famous building - Narkomfin. This apartment block is still standing in Moscow as one of communal utopia of post-revolutionary Russia.