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KRISTINA SABALIAUSKAITĖ - Vilnius' architecture in the 17th and 18th centuries: mirroring the history

THE CITY. Breakpoints

NOV 2011
Why the talk is inspiring?

Why Vilnius is a Baroque city without the Baroque planning and vistas? What historical events and local cultural specifics defined the development of the city? A few thoughts about the city's life, from divine to the mundane, from churches to prostitution, from mecenates to marrauders.

Art historian and writer
How the speaker is exceptional?

Dr Kristina Sabaliauskaitė is art historian and writer. Since 2002 she is based in London. In 2008 she debuted with her historical novel Silva Rerum , which has won over readers with its authentic, multilayered, magically intoxicating depiction of Vilnius atmosphere of the 17th century. Book of the Year 2009 in Lithuania, officially listed in 2010 among the 10 most memorable Lithuanian books of the past decade. Silva Rerum II, the much awaited sequel about the Great Plague of 1707-1710, has been published in 2011 and instantly became a #1 bestseller.

The Lost Vilnius
Vladas Drėma
Why the book is worth reading?

A sold-out classic, a must have for every Vilnius' lover, in dire need of re-edition.


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