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OCT 2012

“With the lapse of time, the face of the town has been changing. I remember the rows of single-floor sharp-roofed wooden houses clustering on both sides of narrow streets of Anykščiai. The town and people needed space and sun… And the town has grown up, has risen as much as by five floors. In the suburbs of Anykščiai, new streets have been laid. But construction works just seem to gather pace. A new residential district will be constructed, a canteen/shop will be built. In the short run, construction of a cultural centre will be started...” ‘Kolektyvinis darbas’ (Collective Work) Paper, 11 May 1974. With the wooden building-up style having prevailed in the prewar period and associated with the surrounding nature by many people, the resort town experienced drastic transformations of the downtown area in the sixties and gained the features characteristic of big cities. The cultural centre, central department store and apartment buildings arranged around the centre of the town contrast with the remains of the old building-up. However, at least a portion of the new structures has maintained the fine scale typical of the environment. How the distinctive townscape of Anykščiai was changed by reconstruction works of the Soviet era, are the buildings of the Soviet period presently being reconstructed by architects able to integrate into the delicate structure of a small town and are they able to preserve the spirit of the time...? 

GUIDE: architect Daiva Gasiūnienė



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This is the sixth part of excursion series „“ (2012/09/08-10/27).

Excursion is sponsored by LR KULTŪROS RĖMIMO FONDAS.