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B_Tours Vilnius. Dystopia - OPEN CALL

JAN 2017

B_Tours Vilnius will take place in September 1-10, 2017, as a collaboration between the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, the Architecture Fund in Vilnius and B_Tour Berlin. We aim to initiate a transdisciplinary exchange based on active spectatorship in contemporary public art and to creatively and collectively pave ways for reflecting on the environmental, social, economic and cultural challenges and opportunities emerging in urban settings. Subjects such as collective trauma and memory, resources and luxury, post-industrial economies, political self-determination, cultural identity, formal and informal economies, global mobility and urban ecology will be scrutinized in participatory and inclusive manners.


B_Tour, established in Berlin in 2013, is a nomadic curatorial platform dedicated to artistic guided tours, audio walks, and experimental navigation in the field of performance and visual art. B_Tour presents projects by artists, social and cultural experts, architects, activists and experts of everyday life who suggest creative approaches to explore, relate and interact with cities. Projects often look at the intersection between art and art mediation, walking as a performative and/or political act, narratology, anti-tourism and walking as a corporal experience. B_Tour reflects of notions of locality and community in the context of the urban, human-technology interface and geographical hegemony. The projects implement innovative approaches to participation and cultivate new discursive artistic formats. 


The deadline to send in your proposal is 5th January 2017.

Here is the link to our online application:


If you still have question, contact us at:


We look forward to your submissions B_Tour, LNDT, Architektūros Fondas