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Audrius Ambrasas, Raimondas Urbakavičius, Vytautas Brėdikis - Photo-expedition through the modern heritage: building, interior, model

APR 2012

As discussion "Architecture and passion" with French photographer Frédéric Chaubin is getting closer, ARCHITECTURAL[excursion]FUND is inviting to participate in the workshop "Photo-expedition through the modern heritage: building, interior, model".

The photography of architecture is taking an important part in architect‘s creativity field: not only in the exploratory stage, but also properly presenting the results of the project.

Currently, the discipline of the photography of architecture does not get the proper attention in program of VGTU department of Architecture and VDA department of Architecture. Intend to help to fulfill this gap, we would like to offer a short course of photography of architecture lead by one of the most famous photographers of architecture.


2012 04 27 
16.00-18.00 intro – excursion in Vilnius Academy of Art, with architects Marius Šaliamoras and Vytautas Brėdikis.
18.00-20.00 Modernism in architecture: exterior.
Tutor- architect Audrius Ambrasas
Place - Vilnius Academy of Art, auditorium
Available for 7 students

18.00-20.00 Modernism in architecture: interior. 
Workshop Tutor - photographer Raimondas Urbakavičius
Place - Vilnius Academy of Art, auditorium
Available for 7 students

The aim of the workshops is to share expierences and learn about special features in architecture photography. Also forming the objectives for next weeks‘ „homework“ – taking photos in the city.

2012 04 28 
11.00-14.00 Modernism in architecture: models.
Workshop Tutor – architect Vytautas Brėdikis
Place - Vilnius Academy of Art, photolab
Available for 7 students

The aim of the workshop is to get familliar to the specifics of model photography.

2012 05 04-05 (approx.) 
The review of photos taken (each group separately).
Exhibition of the best works (all together).

We would like to invite the architecture students who are interested in photography, determined to accompany and shoot the series of 8 excursions „Modernism.Lt“ (July- October. 2012).

To register please send an email to mentioning your name, surname, university, course, group, and which team You would like to join to (exterior, interior, model). We would be very glad taking a look at your photos (link to photo online storage, or some photographs attached to the email).

Any questions - 8 622 91968 (Lina).

The event is free of charge. Registration deadline: 25th of April.