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OCT 2012

Development of historic events determined partition of Lithuania: in 1919, Vilnius Region was occupied by Poland, Kaunas became the capital of Lithuania and the major cultural centre, whereas Vilnius served just as a provincial part of Poland. The aforesaid historic events, geopolitical situation and other reasons show a tendency to assume that Modernism in Vilnius is of low value, even some professionals ignore it and assign to the heritage of a foreign country. A lack of attention makes a direct and negative influence on the heritage of Modernism in Lithuania. Modernism in Kaunas chose the way of national and exclusive character, whereas interwar architecture in Vilnius and expression thereof were influenced by creative groups such as ‘Blok’ and ‘Praesens’ that published thematic, manifesto magazines in Poland and coexisted under the abovementioned publications. The leaders of the groups were active participants in the activity of the CIAM (International Congresses of Modern Architecture), and

Szymon Syrkus is one of the founders of this organisation and also the leader of ‘Praesens’ Group. In Vilnius, buildings representing Modernism architecture of the interwar period are not numerous, however, they feature high quality, demonstrate close relations with the ideas spread all over Europe of that time and display exceptional focus on finish; you are also welcome to assess perhaps the only fully completed project of Urban Modernism in Lithuania (quarter of terraced residential houses in Kosciuškos, Olandų, M. Dobužinskio streets, architect F. Wojciehowski). 

GUIDE: architect Vytenis Ūsas



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This is the eight part of excursion series "" (2012/09/08-10/27)

Excursion is sponsored by LR KULTŪROS RĖMIMO FONDAS