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MICRO-EXHIBITION SERIES BUILDING NARRATIVES - EXHIBITION #5 | A Last Stop of the Route, or Hard to Soft Infrastructure Shift

MAY 2021

In the fifth the micro-exhibition from "Building Narratives" series Architektūros fondas presents the text and photomontage A Last Stop of the Route, or Hard to Soft Infrastructure Shift by Paulius Kliučininkas both at the cultural centre @SODAS 2123 (until 3.May)  and in the virtual, compiled reality with the live comments by the author about the urban spaces for infrastructure.  

In the exhibition, the author invites to explore the issues of urban spaces for transport infrastructure. “The last stop of my daily route house reminds of an insanely sized asphalt pool where almost nothing happens. There are lots of such sites – excess urban space for infrastructure and transport – in Lithuania. Observing this, I started to ask questions - what is that space about, what is behind it? What does it mean for me and the people of the neighbourhood? What should we with all those fields or asphalt pools? Why are we investing so much in the infrastructure we don't really need?”


In the micro-exhibition series, we present works developed within Architektūros fondas program Building Narratives in 2019–2020. Program explored the relations between architecture and narrative merging the ongoing projects of Architektūros fondas and their methods, while looking for common ground among podcasts and publications platform Aikštėje, Future Architecture platform creatives and experiments of architecture curating. Micro-exhibition series, dedicated to the Building Narratives program, starts with the texts and the accompanying visual works that have been curated in Aikštėje and published in the cultural press.


Buildings aren’t shaped by mortar and concrete anymore – crucial and sometimes the most important ingredient is narrative. Whether it is purely a PR product or an organic construct it creates perceptions and shapes the way we see and understand our environment. Hearing, reading or assembling a narrative from smaller pieces helps us to determine if something is good, useful and even beautiful. At the same time, changing narrative has the power to change perceptions of our environment. Bad can become good, ugly-beautiful, all without any changes in physical structure.


As a new narrative has the power to transform architecture on its own, it becomes extremely important to understand how different ways of talking about architecture can shape its future. Therefore Architektūros fondas is seeking to discover personal narratives and encourage the creatives to get involved in this affair.


Event series Building Naratives is also a part of the Future Architecture platform and European Architecture programme 2020, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Architektūros fondas' strategic partner is Lithuanian Council for Culture. Partner – Kaunas 2022 programmes "Modernism for Future" and "All as One".