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Future Architecture Platform - 2021 Creative Exchange: Landscapes of Care

MAR 2021

With the 2021 Creative Exchange, one of the key European events for networking and presentation of architectural ideas, Future Architecture Platform will introduce a new season of its European Architecture Program via a live webcast for the first time.

The Future Architecture Platform, with the support of the Creative Europe program, involves architectural organizations across the continent and links their activities in support of the ideas of emerging creatives from various disciplines that tackle the most pressing challenges in architecture.

Join Future Architecture at the 2021 Creative Exchange: Landscapes of Care, which will take place within the virtual environment for the presentation of architectural ideas and networking: the Future Architecture Rooms. 

The 2021 Creative Exchange will be one of the first major events dedicated to the conversation about the New European Bauhaus, announced in September by the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. Matevž Čelik, the program director of the platform, emphasizes: “As one of the key European initiatives in culture and architecture, Future Architecture is actively involved in shaping ideas and building a common sustainable and inclusive future for Europe. After six years of activity, Future Architecture can demonstrate the concrete results of new inter-institutional and transnational cultural practices and contribute to models for promoting and developing ideas and broad European exchange in architecture.”

The entire European meeting of all those involved in the future of architecture will take place online this year under the title Landscapes of Care. The participants will be addressed by Xavier Troussard, head of the New European Bauhaus at the European Commission’s Joint Research Center. The main guest at this year’s event will be Amica Dall, who holds a degree in English literature and anthropology and is one of the fifteen founders of the non-hierarchical multidisciplinary London collective Assemble, which produces architecture, art, urban design, and research—and in doing so focuses on the social and material processes of urban development. She will be joined by Marie-Louise Richards, an architect, lecturer and researcher at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. The event will be hosted and moderated by the Future Architecture program director, Matevž Čelik.

The core of the Creative Exchange will be nine talks with twenty-seven young artists and experts from various disciplines that responded to this year’s call for ideas, the platform’s tool for encouraging emerging creatives to present their innovative architectural ideas to a wide range of decision makers and stakeholders, and fifteen curators, directors, and program managers that organize events in the 2021 European Architectural Program. The talks will include participants addressing topics of public space, landscape, buildings, revisiting histories, transdisciplinarity, paradigm shifts, feminism in architecture, decolonization, and new policies.

In the closing conversation on March 5th, the six presenters that participated in past Future Architecture programs will discuss trends in architecture today and the importance of new professional platforms. The discussion, moderated by James Taylor Foster and Matevž Čelik, will feature Merve Bedir, Paolo Patelli, Maite Borjabad, Johnny Leya, and Armina Pilav.

At the end of the project, the platform is already planning new projects and will continue to develop into a dynamic and stimulating environment for all thinkers, practitioners, and organizations in architecture, with visions for the future of the profession, ideas for challenges, and proposals for new forms of architectural communication. 



About 2021 Future Architecture Call for Ideas

The Future Architecture Call for Ideas is more than a competition; it is a platform that provides practitioners and conceptual thinkers with the opportunity to express their ideas and to be both seen and heard. A successful application represents the opportunity for emerging creatives to exchange their projects and proposals with peers from all over the world, as well as with high-profile institutions including museums, galleries, publishing houses, biennials, and festivals, all to assist them with finding avenues toward international recognition.

For the 2021 Call for Ideas, we invited multidisciplinary emerging professionals from across the globe to apply with transformative projects related to our living environments to send us their completed projects and their theoretical or conceptual proposals for spatial, social, or cultural innovation, and to join our discussion about the Landscapes of Care.

In comparison to previous years, we received a record number of 457 ideas from sixty-three countries, and we recorded 918 applicants in individual and group applicants, with projects tackling the environment, sociology, construction, infrastructure, the economy, urban planning, heritage, and other areas.

We have selected twenty-seven authors and their ideas, which will be presented at the 2021 Creative Exchange and will participate in the EU’s Future Architecture program.

You are invited to check the list of 457 innovative ideas from all over the globe received in the 2021 Future Architecture Call for Ideas (link) and to join us at diverse Future Architecture events across Europe.