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A POKALBIAI - 29th series „The Great Mistake“

DEC 2022

Striving for perfection is a common practice for everyone, i.e. always wanting to avoid mistakes, and keeping silent when mistakes are made. An error in architectural practice can be extremely troublesome, therefore as a professional architect, one must not make mistakes. Yet does the fear of making mistakes and speaking out about our setbacks constrain the architects’ creative freedom? Perhaps a mistake can still lead to a successful outcome?


Can flashy visuals and catchy names guarantee high-quality architecture? Where has the modernist ambition of building big and anew taken us? Could it be that unrealized ideas left on the margins are also a mistake? Or could they be the real starting point for progress?


The 29th series of talks, accompanied by the oxymoron “The Great Mistake”, will encourage reflections on the importance of learning to make mistakes, even in architectural processes, while showing that when viewed in hindsight, a mistake can also lead to great success.


Important information. The event will be filmed and photographed. Videos and/or photographs taken during the event may be published and broadcast live on the Organiser’s social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), website, as well as other advertising or information dissemination media.


From 3 November to 1 December, we invite you to join us at the National Gallery of Art for conversations with exceptional speakers. 


Events in English: 

10 November 19:00 | H. Ibelings | Modern Architecture, Planetary Warming, Environmental Decline

24 November 19:00 | D. Basulto | Scaling Architecture


Our activities are financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture. Project is partially financed by Vilnius City Municipality. Series partner – National Gallery of Art. Media partner – LRT.


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