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Ukmergė - Mound competition

NOV 2010

November 24 (Wednesday) 18:00 o'clock at Contemporary Art Center (Vokiečių g. 2, Vilnius) participants of Ukmergė mound territory architectural competition presented their projects.

6 proposals were rethinking how to integrate Ukmergė mound territory in the city and use it for social activities. 
Based on M. and M. Valevičius project, mound and its surroundings with Vilkmergė river will become a public space for Ukmergė residents. On the mound new sight seeing place will be established, on the base - new amphitheater for a city events will be created, Vilkmergė river onshore will be converted to a linear park. Sauna ruins will be converted to service facilities and a new tourist information center will be built close. All objects will connected with a new bicycle and pedestrian path. Territory between mound and Šventoji river will be changed in to public space with a hotel, beach and dock.