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OCT 2013

Architecture[publication]fund team invites you to participate in a workshop dedicated to architectural criticism. The event will take place in Vilnius, on 25-26th of October. The workshop is designated for the special issue “ Modern heritages” of Architecture[publication]fund. The issue studies two themes - and modern heritages, which are united under the name of NOSTALGIA.

Architecture[publication]fund is a virtual platform for publications in fields of architecture, urbanism and design. The current and upcoming themes of the platform are based on the topics discussed during the public talk series of Architecture Fund in the period of 2010-2013.

Dates: 25-26th October

Speakers: Lolita Jablonskienė, Andres Kurg, David Crowley, Aet Ader

Place: CAC reading room, UNESCO gallery, K-lab in Karoliniškės

Language: English

Friday, 25th October:

12.30 Meeting at CAC café, collective lunch, introduction

14.00-18.00 Afternoon session at UNESCO gallery,  Šv. Jono str. 11

14.00 Presentation of the main topic and the content of the issue “ Modern heritages”, Julija Reklaitė and Marija Drėmaitė

14.30 Presentations of the speakers: David Crowley, Lolita Jablonskienė, Andres Kurg, Aet Ader

15.30-16.00 Coffee break

16.00 – 18.00 Moderated discussion “Showcasing Modernisms: Between Nostalgia and Criticism” about the modernist architecture exhibitions, their contents, topics, and images:

- Concepts of nostalgia and criticism in research of modernist architecture;

- Artistic research as a resource in architectural history and exhibitions: discussion on memorabilia;

- New approaches to the post war modernist architecture in the the East and West Europe;


Saturday, 26th October:

11.00-14.00 Morning session with coffee at the CAC reading room, Vokiečių str. 2

Topics of the issue “ Modern heritages”

- Continued discussion on memorabilia;

- Feminist issue in modern architectural history – women modernists in the Baltic republics;

- Topics of the future issues of Architecture[publication]fund (2014). Brainstorming:

The City. Breaking points.

Dissidence through Architecture. Critical practices.

14.00 Lunch at CAC café

15.00 EXCURSION in cosmic Karoliniškės with the old trolleybus, guided by Laima Kreivytė. Start point -  the buss stop Vingrių, Pylimo str.

17.30 The end of the tour at TV tower, bar Paukščių takas, discussion on Modern heritages – The City. Breaking points.


About the topic: The purpose of the workshop is to get the modern architecture researchers and curators for the round table discussion on the major projects concerning modernist heritage. The themes of nostalgia and critique, modern approach and visualisation will be analized while looking back to exhibitions of the recent years and expierences of the curators. The discussion would be the basis of the introduction of the second issue of Architecture[publication]fund.


About the project: The project "Workshop of Architectural Criticism” (MIP-13527) is an experimental virtual platform that combines artistic and academic research of architecture and urban studies. The Project uses competences of different researchers and architects as an editorial board, whose task is to create three workshops and publications on three themes of architecture, urbanism and design ( Modern Heritages, The City. Breaking Points, and Dissidence through Architecture). Each thematic issue will be edited by invited senior editor followed with a workshop based on the material developed by the “Architecture Fund” ( The collected research material will be made public through an online platform, created particularly for that purpose, and freely distributed, copied and used by the readers. A certain amount of printed copies will be distributed among libraries and reading rooms. Each issue will be presented to the public during a special event.



Ieva Marija Malinauskaitė