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Exhibition must continue - Show must go on

FEB 2011

February 10 (Thursday) 18:00 at Contemporary Art Center (Vokiečių str. 2, Vilnius) a discussion was held about Venice Biennale of Architecture. 

Counting over 30 years of history, Venice Biennale of Architecture is one of the most important exhibitions in the world joining curated exhibition and national exhibitions.
It is not only place for most famous architects to show their work, but also for countries and among them are Latvia, Estonia, Georgia. Lithuanian architects still did not take their chance.
Can we put architecture along other arts and treat as a cultural export? What are benefits for country? What is cultural and economical importance of Venice Biennale of Architecture? What and how is presented there? And lastly - what new and interesting Lithuania can show?

We are inviting to discuss about these and other topics everybody - supporters and skeptics. 18:00 an announcement will be read by T. Grunskis, J.Reklaitė, M. Mankus and O. Lozuraitytė; 18.20 discussion "Does Lithuania need to participate?", moderated by Tomas Grunskis, participants: A. Kančas, M.Daukšys, V.Dapkevičius, Ū. Tornau, G. Blažiūnas, J. Vaškevičius, A. Novickas.

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