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Ježi Stankevič - Strelka

DEC 2010

December 22 (Wednesday), 18:00 at Contemporary Art Center (Vokiečių str. 2, Vilnius) Institute of architecture, media and design STRELKA (Moscow, Russia) was presented by a student from Lithuania Ježi Stankevič.

Institute "Strelka" (teaching program was created in collaboration with OMA and AMO led by Rem Koolhaas)  was established only this year, but it is already being called the most interesting school of architecture and design in the world. Students in Strelka are architects, intellectuals, designers, media professionals who work together to solve contemporary issues in Russia. Students in Strelka do not get any diplomas and they are not creating any theoretical works, but are involved in real research and make real projects with various institutions in Russia and abroad. 

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Norbert Tukaj, Gabrielius Varnelis