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Вильнa – Wilno – Vilnius - Transformation in architecture

DEC 2011

Presentation of publication „Vilnius 1900–2012. Naujosios architektūros gidas“ 2011 m. December 14 (Wednesday), 18 at Contemporary Art Center.

Vilnius during 112 years was constantly changing. Maybe continuous transformation is significant feature of this city, forcing here to come back guest and local. How exactly architecture changed? What influenced face of the city which we see today?   
 Going through pages of recently "Architektūros fondas" and publisher "Baltos lankos" released book, we invite you to explore how city looked during different times, different social, economical, political situations and how it looks now. From where, through what and where architecture of Lithuanias capital is evolving. Vilnius - is charming collection of modern, art nouveau, secession pieces scattered in Old town streets. It is a short story of modernism from in between the wars, known for famous architects and designers, their clean approach of style. Vilnius - controversial, but impressive footprint of soviet period, showing unique experience in European context, short, but vivid spark of postmodernism mixed with late modernism. Lastly, contemporary Vilnius -  gripping information code, revealing dynamic processes happening in country.

Participated book authors, short messages by  – architect, Doc. dr. Tomas Grunskis, architecture historian Dr. Marija Drėmaitė, architecture critic Rūta Leitanaitė
Moderator – journalist, writer Andrius Užkalnis

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