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International Conference - Architectural Practice and Education

OCT 2017

International Conference ʺArchitectural Practice and Education“ is organised by Department of Architecture at Faculty of Architecture at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University on October 19-20. It is dedicated for the 95th anniversary of Department of Architecture. 


Department or Architecture is an architecture school has its own unique ʺface’’, educational principles.

The exhibition of of the Department of Architecture students‘ works will be open, also the publication ʺDepartment of Architecture“ will be presented during the conference.



Architecture department - architecture school has its own unique ,,face’’, educational principles. However, the situation is ever-changing, dynamic and is getting more and more globalized and it encourages to look for new educational forms and methods. Conference is dedicated not just to take a look at works of the past but also to share experience with other famous architecture schools and architecture practitioners.


The tendencies of contemporary architecture evolution, artistic quality, creativity in practice and education is the object of this conference. That is a search, insights and predictions of a new look at architecture practice and educational links. More and more the gap can be sensed between architecture theory, academic studies and practice. Very often theoretical investigations, educational articles and thesis, dissertations stay in shelves and do not give any practical or academic benefit. So this conference raises such questions: what kind of connection should be between theoretical investigations and architectural practice? How should architectural practice and academic studies be connected? Does academic education of architects should be directed to training skills of craft or development of creative personality?


The aim of the conference - to investigate problem of creativity in contemporary architecture practice and education, to set, identify main architectural studies principles, specifics and evolution. To supplement existing scientific research resources in contemporary architecture with relevant works to architects guild and academic society. To define place of contemporary architecture in time and space to highlight educational goals, priorities and methods. It is aimed for metabolism of practical ideas and theoretical thought by widening discourse opportunities on international level and in academic community. Conference is dedicated for architects practitioners, researchers and academia. It is planned that there will be participating and reading reports the most famous Lithuanian and famous worldwide/international architects that are participating in practical and academic activities: OLE GUSTAVSEN (AHO, Snohetta, Norway), JING LIU (SO-IL, USA), JAN-RICHARD KIKKERT (Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Architectenbureau-K-2, Netherlands).


The work of the conference will be held in sections, according to the research directions and themes:

1. Interaction 

2. Theories 

3. Innovation 

4. Creativity 

5. Transformation

6. Vision 

7. Final speeches and discussions


Conference website:

Conference programme: PROGRAMME


Scientific conference "Architectural Practice and Education" will be held from 9:30 on October 19-20, at the conference hall of the Architects Association of Lithuania, Kalvarijų 1, Vilnius

THE EXHIBITION of the Department of Architecture students‘ works will be open on October 17-27 in Kalvarijų 1, Vilnius, afterwards you will find it on the web.

THE PUBLICATION ʺDepartment of Architecture“ will tell about the development of the department, will list its academic members and study modules, also an intersting information about the life of the department will be presented. The publication will be introduced during the conference.

You are welcome to take part at the anniversary events.

According to information by Department of Architecture at Faculty of Architecture at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University