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Archfondas recommends: - Competition „HOW NOT TO WIN AN ARCHITECTURAL COMPETITION“

SEP 2017

The participants of the competition „HOW NOT TO WIN AN ARCHITECTURAL COMPETITION“, and the following exhibition, are called to submit a set of instructions (based on their own personal experience of investment and loss in an architectural competition) on how not to win an architectural competition. The set of instructions will be accompanied by a visual representation of the lessons that the participants hard earned wisdom. The result of the competition will be a book, a compendium of knowledge that will serve for all the future endeavors regarding entering an architectural competitions world wide. Even though the competition is lighthearted we hope that the entries we receive from the contestants will be a personal, thoughtful and honest look back on their own experience in architectural competitions, and that we will all collectively have something new to learn, along with a few laughs.


The exhibition of the received entries will be organized as a part of the first Spatial Culture Festival, organized by Associations of Novi Sad Architects.


September 18 – submission deadline. Registration fee - 15 euros. More information: