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ARCHITECTURE FUND RECOMMENDS - Scientific Conference "Educational Architecture“

NOV 2016

The aim of the conference “Educational Architecture“ is to discuss the interaction and relationship between architecture and educational philosophies.  Future welfare society, as an essential goal of Lithuania's progress, depends directly on the successful changes in the education system. We expect that the discussion among educators, architects, historians and the other specialists who deal with the challenges of education environment will set forward the qualitative development of the modern learning space.


Modern educational system in Lithuania is still dissociated from the teaching and learning physical environment. The quality of a building of today's school is often characterized by the indicators of thermal performance or by newly finished exterior. Compliance with the indispensable energy parameters and the hygiene requirements are only the first step in the development of space that is favorable for teaching and learning. Understanding the synergy of educational provisions and physical environment grounds the next step in qualitative transformation of school space. It is necessary to acknowledge the school architecture as an integral part of education system, taking into account the possible programming impact of the built environment on the pupils’ conciousness and their cognitive capacities.  It is particularly significant to mobilize educators, architects and other interested forces for shaping the physical environment that is the best for harmonious development of new generation.


The Conference will take place in VGTU Faculty of Architecture (Traku str. 1, Vilnius), Laurynas Gucevičius' auditorium (3.10), on the 18th of November.

Conference is organised by Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Faculty of Architecture